About Electric Halo Recordings

Armando Doval

Electric Halo Recordings a is a Recording Studio located in Miami, Florida and is owned and operated by music producer & sound engineer Armando Doval.

Armando has worked with a numerous variety of local and international recording artists since 2004 to present day, releasing a multitude of quality music.

Self taught from the age of 13 learning how to play drums, guitars, bass, keys, then working for years learning how to produce, record and mix music Armando has extensive knowledge in music production and is dedicated to providing the best possible experience for his clients and is always committed to achieving the right sound by utilizing the best production techniques for any project.

Some of Armando's production credits include his own band, phoenix/NEBULIN, as well as a diverse array of bands and artists such as The Crumbs, HIt Play, Ricky Luis, The Rockadictos, Beach Day, The Shutter, Pool Party, Tregua, Seven Sins, Boy Prostitute, G2, Askultura, Christina Cusack, Wicked Playground, Max Pezzali, Deshun Jordan, The Nation, Wolves In The Gala, and the list goes on…

No matter the style of music, Armando has the experience and knowledge needed to create a high quality recording in any musical genre.