Services + Rates

Recording Studio & Music Production Services

Only $35.00 / hr

+ Multitrack Recording
+ Mixing
+ Music Production (Rock, Pop, Hip Hop, Country, Metal, Gospel, & more)
+ Drum Programming / Midi Programming
+ In house instruments (Guitars/Basses/Synths) available for your recording
+ Songwriting Assistance and Full Production for songwriters without a band

Audio Book Recording

Electric Halo Recordings is ACX Certified to record Audio Books.

Recording / Production  Block Specials

5hr Recording / Production Block Only $170.00

6hr Recording / Production  Block Only $200.00

8hr Recording / Production  Block Only $265.00


Digital Mastering Services

$15.00 Per Track 

Free Digital Mastering on any songs recorded and mixed with us

Visit our other site for more mastering options including Mastered for iTunes and album packages.